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Cocona Technology
Cocona, Inc. has developed a technology that incorporates natural ingredients into polymers. By using activated carbon made from coconut shells, Cocona® fabric utilizes natural technology™ that outperforms other fabrics and yarns. Cocona® fibers and yarns can be used in a wide range of knit and woven fabrics as well as non-wovens that provide effective evaporative cooling, odor adsorption and UV protection. The coconut tree is known as a “The Tree of Life”. Coconut meat, milk and oil have been widely used in products like suntan lotion, cooking, oil, medicine, water and air filters. Now, the finest quality of activated carbon comes from coconut shells to provide superior dry times, odor adsorption and UV protection on a wide range of product applications. Fabrics made from Cocona® yarns and fibers are lightweight, comfortable and retain all of the conventional product features, such as stretch and wash-ability. And, because of our patented technology, Cocona® fabrics will retain or improve their performance over the life of the garment. Cocona technology is contained inside the fiber and, unlike topical treatments, it will never wash off or wear out!

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