Footprint Sustainability: Solutions-based news

Footprint Sustainability: Solutions-based news

The Daily Optimist is a news organization of independent journalists working towards the common goal of creating a more sustainable future and providing the news society needs to get there. The Daily Optimist is free, informative, and positive.

Here is what the Daily Optimist has to say:

Are YOU a seeker of SOLUTIONS? (While others focus on the problem.)

Us too! Most media is in the fear business—focusing on the problems in society and elevating the most hateful and bombastic rhetoric to the top. The Optimist Daily is different—we're interested in bringing you solutions: our topics range from the personal to the planetary. Our team seeks out and shares knowledge and techniques from people changing the world for the better. We are passionate about sharing this information with YOU! Our vision is to create a movement of solutions-oriented thinkers who can PUT SOLUTIONS TO WORK! That's a win-win

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