Footprint Bamboo Bottle Manufacturing: Transparency & Worker's Standards

Footprint Bamboo Bottle Manufacturing: Transparency & Worker's Standards

Our manufacturing partner of Footprint Bamboo bottles are located in China's ZheJiang Province. Please see details and pictures of our manufacturing site below and specifications of how we attempt to reduce our footprint and leave a good impression for worker's, customers, and the planet.

Manufacturing Site Features & Worker Experience:

  • Ample exposure to natural light
  • High ceilings
  • Quality air flow
  • Mechanical training to ensure safety
  • Spacious work areas

  • Rapidly renewable bamboo grows much faster than trees and is a resource to be utilized more heavily in a sustainable economy.
  • Stacks of pressed bamboo sourced from China are shown below and used to create the veneer of our bottle.

  • 18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel 
  • Mechanical processes do not exert workers


Footprint Considerations: 

Our bottles serve as an alternative to single use plastic bottles and single use plastic tea bags as well as bring about discussion of bamboo and the rapid renewability of bamboo production. 

We further reduce our use of single use plastic by using thin paper to wrap our bottles in place of plastic bags that are commonly used to package products. 


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