Footprint Fans

Footprint Fans:
Tammy in DE “My mother says they are the best socks she has ever had. She is diabetic and says her feet have felt better wearing these socks the they have felt in years”
Haidee in MA “Tim & I love our Footprint Bamboo socks!!! As a diabetic, this is exactly what I was looking for to help my feet!”
Pat & John in FL “We have found our Footprint Bamboo socks to be very soft & comfortable. Our feet stay dry in the Florida heat while we play golf & walk the dogs!”
Stuart in De “I used to wait & visit your booth every year at the XPN fest and grab product. I tell everyone I can about your products. They are the most amazing socks anywhere ever! I try not to wear them out or I use them as floor dusters. Socks have held up so well and still wick and stay soft. I am buying a ton to give away to family this summer. They will be hooked.”
Kim in VT “I can’t believe how comfortable Footprint Bamboo socks are. I wear them all the time! I need to buy more for my husband, who also needs more for work. I told him not to touch mine so I guess you were right when you said I wouldn’t want to wear anything else. I totally agree, I am hooked.
Aidan in PA “When asked by his mom why he like the Footprint shirts so much, without skipping a beat, he smiled and said “One, they’re comfy. Two, they’re good for the environment. And three, they’re light.
Amy in PA “Your new anklet performance socks feel so good on my skin. They are noticeably softer than anything I’ve ever felt, yet nice and tight at the same time. They don’t stretch or slip while I’m working out. I love the mesh top and thicker bottom — really, I love everything about them, and I’ve just ordered three more pairs. Thanks!”
Brent, Adrienne, and Lydia in NJ “My wife, daughter, and I visited your booth at the Unite Half Marathon Expo this past weekend. We had also visited your booth at the XPN Music Festival last summer. This time we walked away with three pairs of your socks. I wore a pair yesterday while running around the race course with my daughter in the jog stroller as we cheered and supported my wife and other runners. The comfort of the socks is impossible to ignore. My wife put on a pair after her post race clean up. She immediately remarked that she wished she had run the race in those socks. Having become parents recently, we’ve begun to focus more on more environmentally responsible products and companies. We feel it’s important and necessary change to make in our lives for our sake, our daughter’s sake, and really, the sake of everyone. It’s nice that we’re finding companies, like yours, who produce wonderful, functional, and eco-friendly/sustainable products. Thank you!”
Jenn in CA “My footprint bambooty thong and socks have the comfy qualities I was looking for, thank you! I get a lot of compliments on my green footprint! It’s nice to know I’m doing my part:)”
Cherry in PA “I love all the goodies that Paul bought me for our anniversary! I feel so spoiled, I don’t think that I could wear anything but bamboo from now on! It is by far the most amazing material that I’ve ever touched! You have an amazing product and I’m going to make sure I let everyone know about it!
Renata in NYC “Ran a ten miler in DC last weekend (Cherry Blossom), and ran the Army Ten Miller months back, both wearing your Footprint socks. They were awesome! Most comfortable pair I own, they’ve become my official race socks. So thanks, Footprint, you rock!”
Gary B, professional runner in Texas “Check out these socks. They fit great, perform great(no blisters, no hot spots) and are the softest I’ve ever worn in 20 years of running.”
Adam Gardner, guitarist for Guster in ME “I LOVE the socks-seriously they are the most comfortable silky-smooth things ever!”
Emily D in Nebraska “We just love your Footprint socks! I buy a couple pairs every year for my husband’s and father’s stocking! They love these bamboo socks! Those socks are the most washed in our house because he wears them all of the time! Thank you again and I will always remember your awesome customer service! Super impressed!”
John Durante in NJ “After many years of snowboarding, working outside, some hiking and occasional camping, I’ve tried almost every major brand of technical athletic socks and none deliver the performance of footprint. On a recent trip to Ireland I gave some to my friends from the Surf Project and one of them gave me a phrase that seems to fit. “It’s the way forward.” I know I’ll never go back to the others. From now on it’s footprint bamboo for me.”


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