We are ripple bamboo. Be like water is our motto. Like water, we will constantly shift our products to whatever is best suited for its environment. Greater air-permeability (breathability), improving fit, lowering heat conductivity, and reducing price are our target outcomes in producing bamboo apparel. In the long run we would like to produce a fire-retardant bamboo fabric that performs better than any material in the fire fighter uniforms and apparel market.

Firefighters are a special community. We believe a drop of our apparel in the firefighter eco system will ripple through the community as word of mouth from fellow fighters lead one station to the next to supply our bamboo apparel. We are honored to supply our t-shirts to the firefighters of Los Angeles.

Ripple Bamboo is made in Los Angeles, USA. Our bamboo viscose thread is important from China. Our fabric is 70% bamboo viscose fiber & 30% organic cotton woven mechanically in Los Angeles, USA. The fabric is dyed in Los Angeles, USA. Our t-shirts are sewn to custom specifications in Los Angeles, USA.

Ripple Bamboo is a subsidiary brand of Footprint Bamboo LLC located in Culver City, Los Angeles.