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Footprint offers sensationally soft Certified Organic Bamboo in our socks and clothing.  How is this possible?  Bamboo pulp is sourced, then broken down into viscose, and when spun creates a silky fiber that feels like cashmere yet it's easy to care for as its machine washable.
Footprint Bamboo socks and bamboo clothing have become sustainable solutions for athletic and active wear. It inherently guards your skin against unwanted moisture and breathes well; reducing bacteria and therefore odor.  As avid outdoor-sports people, we understand the importance of our clothing to be comfortable & functional.  Footprint Bamboo socks & clothing deliver the best performance, comfort and affordability.
wear coco
: Another sustainable sock solution by Footprint; Coconutz! We utilize a technology from Cocona that takes carbon from coconut shells which is infused into the yarns of our performance socks for the fastest wicking, drying and natural material available.  Made in USA.
We named our company Footprint to express our commitment to leaving a good impression on the earth and toward mankind.  We build the best product and cause no unnecessary harm.  That's our mission statement, and it takes many forms. As it applies to making products, we work hard to source sustainable materials and use processes that are less harmful to the Earth without compromising quality. Because to us, quality is not only how well a product performs and holds up, but also how it's made.  As it applies toward mankind, we give back part of our proceeds as well as donate our socks and clothing to organizations that make a difference.  When you wear the Footprint logo, you demonstrate that you are doing your part in leaving a good impression too.
*Viscose from Bamboo socks are also perfect for people with diabetes. Whether it's ensuring mobility, protection, or seamless socks, people with diabetes have special footwear needs.  The right socks can be the first layer of protection against blisters and ulcerations that can lead to serious problems down the road.  We find many of our diabetic customers become hooked on our diabetic socks and end up fans of our entire bamboo sock and bamboo clothing line!

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